What is Belize Yellow? Belize Yellow is more than meets the eye. In one page we bring together the Top Ten Belize yellow pages resources.

Many Belize business directories apply to a single-page or website full of fluff, but we do it one better, all Belize directories in one place for easy reference —but there are definitely some special considerations, which are discussed in detail here...

Belize Yellow is a single-page Web site, a design approach that works very well for a site of this type that would otherwise comprise three to six pages of closely related content on a Belize listings directory. Single-page sites are easy to use especially on mobile devices and smart phones. A brochure site for an artist, an author, or a typical local restaurant, work very well. On the other hand, the University of Belize or Archives Department sites would not be good candidates. Single-page sites can be a good solution if there isn’t a tremendous amount of content, if all the content is closely related, or in cases where a particular design approach simply works best on a single page. In any case, single-page sites are cropping up all over the place. They are trendy and they can be very engaging. We have done most of the work for you. We break down the Top Ten Belize Yellow pages directories into a few categories. These include Tourism, Business and Foreign - this last category is for directories not based in Belize.

It's about forward thinking which is often considerably better than backwards thinking

Before undertaking this directory of Belize related directory, yellow pages and classified websites, we noted that there are many directories devoted to Belize. Most of these are foreign based and well meaning. But many are just so much "yet another Belize directory" project or hobby site that serve no useful purpose in our calculated estimation.

The criteria we used to select this listing of the Top Ten Belize Yellow Pages websites was threefold - accesibility, detailed coverage and fresh content. The idea was to to start with a solid foundation that is accessible to all browsers and devices and then enhance it for those that support mobile devices. Our surveys find that an increasing number of web surfers looking for Belize information are using smart phones. And for this your page needs to be accessible to all, attractively designed for all, and absolutely gorgeous for many. Unfortunately none of the Belize websites we researched are mobile friendly. So this criteria has had to be subsumed for the time being. So here we have our listings.

Top Ten Belize Yellow Pages

The following list is ranked in no particular order. Comments and feedback are appreciated:

When to use a single-page site

Single page Web sites are particularly popular among advanced CSS authors—especially for their own sites . There are endless possibilities for unique designs that can only be done on a single page. Certain types of sites lend themselves to a single-page format, such as brochure sites for designers, novelists, or restaurants. On the other hand, you wouldn't want to squeeze the Mercedes Benz site into a single page. So what are some benefits of a single-page site?

Single-page designs can have certain benefits over a traditional multi-page site. Here are several things for you to consider:

  • Speed: Only one page needs to load
  • Maintenance: Only one page to manage and maintain
  • Search Engines: Only one page to be indexed
  • Uniqueness: Single-page sites will make your viewers take notice
  • Mobile Devices: Single-page sites are well-suited to iPhones and iPads